Eyes Wide Shut

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"Come out to Las Vegas, we'll get together, have a few laughs"

Take 5 Production Group

Could someone stop the earth? This is an invitation across the nation, a chance for people to meet in Viva

Las Vegas.They'll be DJs singing and  laughing, people swaying and dancing in Las Vegas Adventures. I want

to get off, just slow it down and i'll jump off in the Entertainment capital of the World. Oh, it doesn't matter

who you are or what you wear, just as long as you are here in Las Vegas, Nevada. So come on every girl, grab

a guy. Everywhere around the world, there will be singing and dancing in the night clubs with extraordinary

bottle service and laughter at the at the Las Vegas Beach club pool parties adventures in the world's renowned Las Vegas Casinos.

It will allure you with discreet and elegance in elevating quintessential performances of a Las Vegas dining experiences, with world renowned chefs, for your unique in room consequential experiences. Calling out around the world, are you ready for the creativity of inspiring food with award winning presentations.

They're vacationing from Chicago, Los Angeles, down in New Orleans and New York City are here and the times are right for dancing in the streets in Vegas, and see a Las Vegas Show. All we need is music, sweet music and dancing in the streets. It will manifest yourself with extravagant thirst for world class ultra-luxurious five star hotels and resorts, luxuriate yourself in an lavish spa treatment or escape to a globally known Philharmonic Orchestra live event. Indulge in adventure with the world's best shopping along famed Las Vegas Boulevard or possibly catch a glimpse of your favorite artists swinging, and swaying, with DJs playing and dancing in the streets of Sin City Adventures.

Don’t forget San Diego, or the streets of Toronto, back in the UK, or no matter where you are, all you need is adventurist music. So grab your partner when the time is right, with assurances all of our guest expectations are always merited and remarkable satisfied with adventure. A brand new song with Take 5 Production crew are singing and dancing in the streets in the "City that never sleeps".

All we need is music, sweet music if not surpassed with unparalleled access experiences "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". It's only limited by adventures with your imagination and is dedicated to the proposition that everything is possible, while dancing in the streets or suggests the situation is irretrievably lost, is highly illogical with the world-renowned Las Vegas Stage when music is playing everywhere!

Stop trying to rationalize everything, will ya. Let’s face it, we have a mystery headliner on the Las Vegas Strip

Stop trying to rationalize everything, will ya. Let’s face it, we have a mystery headliner in Sin City

Stop trying to rationalize everything, will ya. Let’s face it, we have a mystery headliner in the City of Lights

EDC Las Vegas 2018 with LOVE is colossal for music, rides, carnival, camping beautiful people and tickets for Electric Daisy Carnival.

It isn’t uncommon, you know, the farther out we go with music, the more we find ourselves dancing and wondering what is truly endless in Las Vegas, then we strive for something and forever is never out of reach. There is no relative direction in the vastness of space and it’s easier than you think, to get lost  in "Sin City" with lovely beautiful people.


There is only yourself and there will be many times during your life, you will look at your reflection in a mirror and ask yourself; "The more time we spent at EDC at the "Entertainment Capital of the World". The harder it was to tell where one day ended and the next day began in Vegas with love."

It can be a challenge to feel grounded when even the gravity is artificial. But, well, we do what we can to offer you experiences from the mysteries of the unknown and possibly closer to the awakening at this year 2019 Las Vegas Electric Daisy Carnival love fest – EDC Las Vegas spreads love for one another.

Isn't it more exciting when you don't have permission.

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Shadow Creek Golf Course with its mystic and its staggering beauty in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Walk the legionary Las Vegas Golf courses of our extraordinaire Rat Pack legends of Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr. and Dean Martin, including five U.S. Presidents have all chased immortality adventure in "Sin City" on a Las Vegas fairway.

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“The Las Vegas Fashion Show is the iconic destination of fashion houses, countless boutiques with bespoke pieces or an extravagant restaurant in a setting with unprecedented luxury.”

Las Vegas has emerged as an iconic symbol of selling dreams and amplifies emotions the opulence of the elite performance automobiles providing a panorama adventure of tasteful elegance, chic classiness, impressive sophistication, and luxury with stylish perfection.

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